The Bifrost Philosophy
Bifrost International Services derives its name from ancient Norse mythology: The Bifrost was a rainbow stretching between Heaven and Earth.
This rainbow could be used as a bridge between the two domains, allowing mortals and the gods to traverse between them, but only if the parties crossing had good intentions; otherwise transit was prohibited.
Bifrost International Services sets its standards by this Rainbow Bridge of ancient times and ensures the secure passage of goods from the U.S. to the world through its commitment to excellence.



Bifrost is a family-owned company and is managed by its founders, the husband and wife team of John E. Niemi, Jr. and Janet Davis Niemi. Since 1986, the Niemis have captained Bifrost through the turbulent waters of international business, guiding the company into success with their careful and experienced management. 

John, a Viet Nam veteran, studied international business in Europe and joined large mutli-national trading company in San Francisco. He was then a partner in a design-based trading company, which led to the founding of Bifrost.

Janet majored in Journalism and was formerly head of a public relations organization affiliated with the Port of San Francisco.

The Niemis have provided steady growth to Bifrost since its inception, ensuring beneficial results to its clients and suppliers. The company is continually seeking new markets and products. For both United States manufacturers and overseas contractors and distributors, Bifrost offers great opportunities for international expansion.